Mole Mapping Services

At the Specialist Skin Clinic, based in Cardiff, we offer two options:

Mole Mapping

This is a new and innovative treatment offered by the Specialist Skin Clinic at their Cardiff clinic. A photographic record is taken of all the moles on the body annually. This allows the experts at the Specialist Skin Clinic to monitor any changes to the skin, whether that is the appearance of new moles and lesions or changes to existing moles.

Mole Check Mole Mapping Mole Removal clinic cardiff Neport Grigend Wales Bristol London EnglandThe Specialist Skin Clinic uses the new skin cancer screening system FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM 2017 to be able to offer total body mapping. Utilising the latest technology breakthroughs, the system captures each area of the body, allowing either the nurse or dermatologist to assess moles immediately, as well as storing all the patient’s images in the database.

Guidelines mean that the patient is positioned in exactly the same position each time to ensure that an accurate check can be made and any changes in the mole structure can be detected quickly and easily.

This is of particular benefit to patients with a high number of moles, a sector that are of higher risk of developing malignant melanomas.

Mole Check

If you have a skin lesion or mole that is causing you concern, it is possible to have an individual assessment carried out by a specially trained nurse. If the nurse feels that the mole should be assessed further, you will be offered either a TELEdermatology assessment or a direct consultation with a dermatologist.

The TELEdermatology service involves a photographic record being taken of the mole which is then sent to the dermatologist to be assessed. The dermatologist will then provide you with a report which will include any proposed treatment options.

Further services including excision of suspect moles and lesions are available. The Specialist Skin Clinic is led by dermatologist Dr Maria Gonzalez. Unlike other mole check services, we are able to provide excision in clinic, on the same day if necessary.

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