Should I ask my GP to check my moles and freckles?

Some GPs are trained in checking moles but not all of them. Therefore, if you are unable to get the assistance you need, Mole Mapping can fulfil this role.

Should I book for a Mole Mapping or Mole Check?

At the Specialist Skin Clinic we check individual moles that are a cause for concern, but we have recently launched our Mole Mapping service in response to our patients’ demands. Mole Mapping is a service whereby a photographic record is made of all the moles on the body.

When the patient returns to the clinic (often in a year’s time), another photographic record is taken and, from these records, we are able to spot any changes or new moles that have appeared. Any moles that are of concern are then assessed further. This service is particularly useful in patients with a large number moles and a stong personal or family history of melanoma.

Who would I see at the Specialist Skin Clinic?

An experienced dermatologist carries out all mole assessments and mapping.

What happens if a suspicious mole is identified?

The patient will be given the option of going through the NHS for excision or of having the mole excised at the clinic.

How much do your services cost?

Mole Check, which involves the checking of individual moles by a dermatologist is available from £120. Mole checks with high resolution photography of individual moles which appear irregular is available from £150.

A full Mole Mapping service in which all the moles on the body are photographed is available from £250. This is a lengthy process which involves assessment of all the moles on the body with a dermatoscope followed by photography of individual irregular moles followed by photography of all moles on the body. The entire process takes approximatly 90 minutes.

The Specialist Skin Clinic is able to carry out excisions of irregular moles in the clinic. This will be performed by a dermatologist. Excision costs start at £300.

Are your services safe if I’m pregnant?

Yes, the mole checks are non-invasive and do not require the use of harmful radiation or any technologies that can harm an unborn foetus.

Are your services available to children?

Yes, the clinic is able to assess children of all age-groups. However, melanoma is extremely uncommon in children so this assessment is often not necessary in this age group of patients.

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